Capital District Youth Soccer League

Fall Season Team Placement Form

    All U08 teams are considered mixed gender.
  • (The head coach is the league's primary contact, do not list anyone else. )
  • This information is required so that other coaches may be informed of all changes.
  • PLAY DATES: Fall program will be played on Sunday with Saturday as an alternate day. NO PLAY DATES: Remember this is a limited season and the scheduling is very tight. However, we will allow you to request a no play date and we will try to accommodate it. Once scheduling starts we cannot accept changes or additional requests.
  • (We will allow you to request one no play date, and we will try to accommodate it.)
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Use this area to provide the Games Committee with additional information to support this team's experience and skill level.
  • (For example, provide last year's record if the team is mostly the same, tournament records, list the teams with which you are most competitive.)
  • Locate club president's name from their CDYSL Club Page.
  • Locate club president's email address from their CDYSL Club Page.
  • Financial Agreement I am aware the team commitment fee for each team participating in the 2014 CDYSL Fall League is $80. I am also aware that I am financially responsible for the aforementioned amount if my club fails to submit payment.

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