CDYSL 2021 Spring League Appeals

Appeals are now closed

(updated 3/22/21)




Nisky U8 Black ( Coed - U08 - Division 3 ) I am requesting that our Niskayuna U8 Black team move to division 2 for the CDYSL season. 

RVW U8 ( Coed - U08 - Division 4 )  RVW U08 is requesting to Move from Division 4 to Division 3 White

Rotterdam United U8 Coed ( Coed - U10 - Division 2 )  I'd like to move my team to either of the Division 3 divisions listed.  From what I've seen of teams in our current division, we won't have much growth as a team playing these teams, so I'd like to move my kids to a lower division.  Please let me know if this can be accommodated and we can move to either of the Division 3 divisions.

Alleycat 2013/14G Academy Lil’ Cats 1 ( Coed - U08 - Division 2 )  U8 Lil Cats 1 to go to Division 1(Currently D3) - D1 is the proper placement for competitiveness for our girls as well as other teams





CO - Colonie U10 Boys  We would like to appeal the Colonie U10 Boys' placement for Spring 2021. We are currently placed in Division 2. We would like to move to Division 3, preferably Red.

Albany U10 Blue ( Boys - U10 - Division 2 ) I need to appeal the Albany Blue U-10 team placed in Division 2. The team is of varying abilities and they will not have fun or learn at the Division 2 level. With a slightly different team, we tried in the Fall and the games were massacres, and the boys disspirited. 


U12G RVW Blue ( Girls - U12 - Division 2 ) we would like to drop the U12 girls blue down to Division 4.  We have played more teams in this division in the fall and we’re competitive.

Alleycat 2009G Academy White ( Girls - U12 - Division 3 )   D2 is the proper placement for competitiveness for our girls as well as other teams

Rotterdam United U12 Girls Grey ( Girls - U12 - Division 2 )  I would like to request to be moved to division 3.  The teams in 2 are teams we have played (mostly) and have not been competitive.



Albany U12 Blue ( Boys - U12 - Division 2 )  I am coach of the Albany Soccer Club boys U12 blue team, the teams in this group, we wouldn't be very competitive with.  We need to be move down a level.  Looking at the club's current listings, we would be better off in Level 2 white or Level 3 red.

FC Dutchmen Boys U11 ( Boys - U12 - Division 3 )  Our U11 Boys Team needs to be in division 2 not 3.  Is there a way they will not play our U12 team that is placed in division 2

Albany Rush 2009 Boys ( Boys - U12 - Division 2 ) Move to division 2 or 3.

Fifty FC U12 Boys Gray ( Boys - U12 - Division 3 ) I’m the coach of the Fifty FC Gray Team (U12B) and I think we are in the correct division but the wrong conference.  When we split the Fifty FC teams Maroon was our A, Gray was our B and Red was our C.  Having played many of the teams in Division 3 red and white.. we would be better suited in white.  In red, based on the teams we have played we would have 0 wins and would be blown out a couple of times.  In white we have a chance at 2 wins and 6 competitive games.

Greenbush SC Boys 2009 ( Boys - U12 - Division 2 ) We need to revisit the placement of our U12 boys team. Can we get them put in D1 for the spring?


 FC Dutchmen Girls U13 ( Girls - U14 - Division 1 ) U13 girls need to be in division 2 not division 1.



Albany Rush 2008 Boys White ( Boys - U14 - Division 3 )  2008 white boys. Move to division 4

Rotterdam United 08 ( Boys - U14 - Division 3 )  When looking over the teams that we are grouped with the amount of travel that will be required for the teams in the division will not be possible for most of our working families. Games being played during the week will require drives of between 45 minutes to over an hour and playing a game at 6:30 during the week for all games will be a struggle.The teams that are listed in the other two division 3's are teams we have been competitive with during the indoor season including Greenbush, Alleycats and Bethlehem.  The teams we are playing currently include Oneonta which is over an hour away for us. Rip Van Winkle is at least an hour, and Greenville is another location 45 minutes away. It is a lot to request of any team. 



Colonie U15 Girls ( Girls - U16 - Division 3 )  We would like to change our level from 2 to 3.



Latham Circle U16 Boys ( Boys - U16 - Division 2 )   I am the head coach for the U16 Boys LC - Latham Circle U16 Boys  and I would like to move my team from division 2 to division 3. 

Greenbush SC Boys 2006 White ( Boys - U16 - Division 2 )  Greenbush U15 boys white is way out of their league in that D1/D2. I think it’s just the way the registrations shook out. We’d like to request they be moved to D3.






U17-U19 BOYS

Firestorm John Quimby ( Boys - U17 - Division 2 )  in looking at the placements I need our 17 boys in a u17 or u18 bracket. They are a young team thank you.

U17B RVW Raptors ( Boys - U17 - Division 3 ) RVW U17 boys are asking to play teams that are U17/U18 secondary to their younger age to stay competitive.