CDYSL 2023 Spring League Appeals


Appeals are now CLOSED

(updated 2/16/23)




  •  Brunswick Soccer Club U8 - I'm writing to appeal the placement of my team, the Brunswick U8 Soccer Club.  My request is based on the fact that my team is in-experienced (first time players), young, and requires player development.  I have looked at teams in Division 4 and believe my team would be a much better fit in this Division.  We have played teams in our currently placed Division of 3 Red and the games were not competitive and the players were highly defeated.  I appreciate any consideration, as I'm new to this process and should have registered as a Division 4 from the start.  Thank you in advance. Melissa Doroski  


  • RCS Fireflies - The Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Soccer Club would like to appeal the placement of our U10 Girls team the RCS Fireflies. They have been placed in division 2. We would appreciate it if we could be placed in level 3. We have a young team with some new to travel soccer and would like to give them a chance to compete properly.  Candace McHugh



  • SWSC U10 West Ham -  My name is Seth Schreifels and I'm the head coach of SWSC U10 West Ham. I looked over the preliminary placements and I would like to have my team move down a division. My team is currently placed in Division 3 Blue. Reason I would like to move my team down a division is that we are the fourth U10 team within the SWSC U10 age group. I've had some players move around and so I feel that division four is more suitable regarding the overall development of the players and team.


  • Saratoga Wilton BU10 Leeds team - We officially appeal the placement of the Saratoga Wilton BU10 Leeds team.  They are currently in the Division 3 Red bracket.  Looking at the teams in the Division 1_2 Red bracket- we are very competitive with both the Ballston Spa BU9 and Nisky Bu9 teams and believe this is a better fit for our team. Kiersten Owen and Adam  Costello


  • Niskayuna U10 Boys Black - I would like to submit an appeal on behalf of my team, Niskayuna U10 Boys Black, and our initial placement in the Division 1_2 Blue grouping. We had a similar placement in the fall, since it didn't seem that enough true first division teams had registered to fill out a group and we were "bumped up".  Although we did enjoy the challenge of the fall season, we were far outmatched on most Sundays. I don't know how much we helped some of our opponents in their team development. Through the winter season, we've found a good fit at the Division 2 level. I am hopeful that the committee will consider our appeal for a move to a more fitting group for our team, such as the current Division 1_2 Red. Beth Tiffany



  •  SWSC GU12 Storm -  In a perfect world, I believe SWSC GU12 Storm would be a solid 2.  SWSC GU12 has 3 teams this year:  GU12 Thorns (top or Select 1, all 2nd year U12's); GU12 Storm (mid or Select 2, top players of 1st year U12' in U11 and U12 tournaments); GU12 Celtic (lowest or Select 3, composed of 1st and 2nd year U12's who didn't make either of the above teams, but a great competitive group).  Our coach, Liam Rice, and I (Jane McKenna) are curious as to how the GU12 1/2 flight will work.  If it is composed of all the top tier teams of each club, it would make more sense for us to drop to the 3rd group.  But not sure if internally the 1_2 will be further broken up within that bracket. Ultimately, for GU12 Storm we have the following objectives and aiming to accomplish as many as possible:  Be in a competitive division that will push us, but not where we are losing every game by being with the top tier Alley Cats or even our own GU12 Thorns as we aren't at that level;  As best as possible, not play one of our own teams.



  • Averill Park U12 Boys Blue - My name is Joseph Piperata, the head coach of Averill Park u12 Boys Blue. You have placed us in Division Green 3. I heard the deadline is tomorrow and would like to appeal our placement. I would like to be placed in division 4. Thank you!


  • Fultion United Force M U12B2-23 - I would like to appeal the placement of our team, Force M U12B2-23 to be moved from Division 3 Blue to Division 4 Green.  Division 4 Green is currently hosting several of the other Fulton United teams.  This would make for a much better experience for our players and families.  Aaron Flynn


  • Rotterdam RUSC U11 Boys team  - This is Frank DiMeo, coach of the of the RUSC U11 Boys team.  I am requesting that my boys move from Level 3 Division Blue to Level 2.  I believe the competition in Level 2 better suits my team.  Thank you for this consideration. 


  • New Scotland - Revolution U12 Boys - I am requesting to move the New Scotland Revolution U12 boys team from level 3 to level 4.  Thank you. Bill Miller


  • Clifton Park Soccer Club U12 Boys Evolution Gold - We would like to formally appeal the placement of the CPSC U12 Boys Evolution Gold placement in Division 2 and request that we are placed in Division 1 for the upcoming season. We were matched with the Division 2 teams during the Afrim’s winter sessions and feel that our team can be competitive in the next division. Please advise on how to proceed. Thank you. Jason Romero


  • Albany Rush 2011 Boys - Our 2011 boys are in the second division. Can we please move them to the first division. Garrett Cobb


  • MSUSC U12 Boys - We would like to move the U12 Boys to U14 Division 4. Our U12 Boys team does not have the numbers and we have U13/14 boys that are interested in playing so in order to keep a team in the league, we would move the U12 boys up to U14.   would like this new team to play in division 4 and if possible play with other "young" U14 teams. Kenny Day



  • Firestorm FC Pride U14 girls - This team has a number of new travel players. The team is a mix of 1st year U14 players and 2nd year U12 players. Not enough players to field teams at both age groups. We have been playing indoor at both Division 3 and Division 4.  We have not been competitive at Division 3.  Requested placement - Division 4  Please let me know if you need anything else. Also if you can provide next steps. Thanks  Janine Benson


  • Coliseum - I would like to request that our 2010 Girls 315 Rebels White be moved down to the 2nd Division from the 1st Division.  We have two teams at this age group.  Our 1st team is in the DPL.  This group is much more suited for the 2nd Division.  Still a good team but at this point the teams in the 1st division gave our 1st team good games.  I spoke with the coach who coaches both the 1st team and 2nd team and he asked me to appeal and ask to be moved down. David Bove


  •  Clifton Park U14G Evolution - I am a coach for Clifton Park Soccer Club. I am writing to appeal the placement for our U14 girls Evolution team. We are currently placed in division 1. However, we are not competitive with the other teams in that division. We are more competitive with the teams in division 2. I would like to request a change to division 2. Please let me know that you received this appeal and if you need anything else from me. Thanks! Rick Gabriel 


  • Saratoga Wilton GU14 Strikers BLACK - I need to appeal the placement of the Saratoga Wilton GU14 STrikers BLACK team - they are currently in division 3.  We have lost a number of our players to school spring sports and our team is very weak.  Please move us to division 4.  We have played a number of these teams indoors at Afrims and will be much more competitive with the teams in Division 4 and not in Division 3. Kiersten Owen and Kasey Lemos


  • Greenbush SC Girls 2009/2010 -  Greenbush SC is requesting the following appeal for team placement: Greenbush SC Girls 2009/2010 (Level 1) Requested level:  Greenbush SC Girls 2009/2010 (Level 3)



  •  Latham Saints Dortmund (U14 Boys) - After reviewing the teams in Level 1/2, I don't believe it's the right fit for this team. We primarily play against Fifty FC, Ballston Spa, Rotterdam, Colonie, and Averill Park at Afrims. We're about .500 with a similar goal differential. I believed the teams mentioned above would have been in Division 2, but they're all placed in Division 3 and Dortmund should follow suit as they provide competitive and even games. Coach Matt Speciale



  • Brunswick Soccer Club U16 Girls - I registered the Brunswick Soccer Club U16 girls team as level 4. We were placed in level 3. This team has many new and less experienced players which is why they were registered as level 4. Is it possible to move the team to level 4 where they will be able to compete with players of the same skill level? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated by our team. Scott Bulson


  • Firestorm U16 Thunder - My name is Katrina Colby and I am the head coach for Firestorm's U16 Thunder team.  The preliminary placements for this Spring have us in division 1-2.  I would like to appeal for us to be moved into a lower division due to the fact that my team is very young and lacks experience.  I do not believe we would be able to compete well in division 1-2.


  • Albany Rush  07/08 Girls - Albany Rush is all set with placements except for our 07/08 Girls team.  They are currently in U16 Division 3 Blue and would like to be moved to Division 1. 


  • Niskayuna U16 Girls -  I would like to request that our Niskayuna WolfPack team be place in the division 1/2 of u16 girls. I think the competition for them would be more even there. Thank you. Brian 


  • NSSC U16 Boys Sounders - I please need to appeal the NSSC U16 Boys Sounders team placement.  After a review of all of the teams in all three division, we absolutely belong in the "second division" which is identified as D3. "The first Division" identified as D2, is composed mostly of Elite and Premier teams. New Scotland is not at that level.  This team is returning about 50% players of a team last year that was misplaced in D4 at U14,  this current placement for 2023 would have the opposite development results.


  • SWSC U15 and U16 teams - To whom it may concern, two of the saratoga wilton teams have had their spring divisions swapped from their requested divisions. When we registered the request was for the u15 rangers team to be placed in division 3 or 2 and the u16 black team was requested by tina in the registration to "be in the lowest possible division". The u15 team needs to be moved up and the u16 black team needs to move down. The u16 team is a very low level team and the u15 team would most likely overmatch all the teams in div 4. Please let me know when these changes are made or if any additional information is required to make these changes. Kyle Quinn


  • Clifton Park Soccer Club U16 Boys Evolution - Please place the Clifton Park Soccer Club U16 Boys Evolution in Division 4 for the spring 2023 outdoor season. Currently this team is placed in Division 2. This year’s U16B Evolution is considerably different than last year’s team. Competing in division 2 as currently constructed will most likely not produce competitive games. Ed Wisniewski



  • Clifton Park U19 Evolution Girls - I would like to appeal the placement of Clifton Park's U19 Evolution Girls team.  We are not a highly competitive team. This is a combination team of U19-U16 and about half the team is U16 players. Several of the girls have only been playing for 1-2 years.  These girls play because they love the game.  They are not highly motivated to compete.   I had requested a Division 3 placement for them because that is the most developmentally appropriate environment for this group of players. Jen Groth


U17-U19 BOYS

  • Greenville SC - U19 Boys Red Bull -  I would like to move my U18 Red Bull team from Division 1 to Division 2.  This is a mid-tier CDYSL team with U16-U18 players with a wide variance in skill level from top to bottom.    We will match up well with many of the team at the D2 High School level and would likely struggle at the D1 level.    Thanks for your consideration.  Jared McAneny - GSC


  •  BSSC U19 United -  This is Sam Box (Coach of U19 BSSC Team United).  Last year I believe we were in division 1, but the teams last year were much lower caliber than the teams in division 1 this year.  Clifton Park who won our division last year is currently listed in division 2.  There were no premier teams in div 1 last year and this year there are several.  For perspective here is the age breakdown of my team.  U19 - 2 players; U18 - 6 players (2 players currently have a broken foot and are out, not sure if they will play); U17 - 9 players;
    U16 - 2 players. We are a young team with many of the younger players having a low soccer IQ (below average compared to other schools, which I can only attribute to the HS coaching; which is consistent with Ballston Spa's weak HS record).  I don't have the athleticism or soccer IQ to put up a competitive fight.  This is probably the weakest team I have coached in the last 5 years.  The quality of the HS players from Ballston Spa has been on a downward trend (again, consistent with the school record).  The top players play for premier teams. I average about 2 1hr practices a week and due to practice space availability we have been given a mini field to practice on (1/4 size of the Afrims 6v6 field) and my attendance at practice has dropped significantly where I average about 6 players at practice.  So I am not even really in a position to make any strong improvements in the players mental IQ and proficiency between now and the start of the season.  Division 2 would be much more suitable for our team.