All Coaching Education Licenses are available through the US Soccer Learning Center and allow coaches to register for courses.


Grassroots License

In conjunction with US Soccer Federations, the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association’s Coaching Education Program offers the latest US Soccer Grassroots License courses. The Grassroots License Courses focus on the age-appropriate needs of players at the 11v11, 9v9, 7v7 & 4v4 levels.

Upcoming Grassroots Courses Available


The goal of the D license is to prepare coaches to lead teams from U6 to U12 in a participation environment. The level of play associated with the need for this license is beginner to intermediate. Coaches are expected to be actively coaching a team to qualify. Click here to view the eligibility requirements for the D License Course.

Upcoming D Courses Available >>

The C license can be obtained after you have held your D license for at least 6 months. This license is designed to prepare you to work with teams from U11-U19 with a higher level of commitment and skill level. Learning is designed around the candidate being part of a club or program where they train 2-2 sessions per week with more committed and self-motivated players. Click here to view the eligibility requirements for the C License Course.

Upcoming C Courses Available >>

How to Register for a Coaching Course

  1. On the US Soccer Learning Center page. In the search field at the top of the page, in the Host section, select “Eastern New York Youth Soccer”. ***
    Please note there is also an”Eastern New York Adult Soccer”, make sure to select the correct one.
  2. From the list of results, select the course you wish to attend. Click “Course Details” for more info and to register.

For more information on courses contact Tim Bradbury, ENY Director of Coaching Instruction, at