This page will be updated as the office continues to receive information regarding the GotSport registration process. Links to CDYSL registration forms can also be found at the bottom of the page for your convenience.   



GotSport Official Information:


GotSport System Website link:






GotSport Contacts:

Please check the above help videos and our FAQs for questions. If your question or concern is not listed, please contact the office.  Help links are also available on the onboarding site and you can reach out to CDYSL's Gotsport contacts Jared Hirschowitz and William Cameron for further questions.

Jared Hirschowitz :

William Cameron:




General Info:

Requirements for Volunteers on Rosters

Birth Year Age Matrix

Registration Worksheet (Updated for 2020-21 season!)


Check list for those using a different program to capture registrations and then upload into GotSport:


Policies and Procedures:

Please be advised the registration processes will be different with GotSport. The Office is currently in the process of updating our policies in accordance with the new system and its abilities.



CDYSL Instructions:


Uploading a CSV

Making a Team/Using SI Play and GotSport (Coming Soon)

Making a Team/Just using GotSport(Coming Soon)

Registering a Team With CDYSL

Taking or Confirming Safe Sport Training

Adding Documents/Birth Verification and Waiver

Yellow Level Verifiying an Account


New-to-This-Season Requirements:


  • To be put on a travel roster ALL players will be required to upload a birth certificate or submit a copy physically to the CDYSL office for the office to verify their birthdates. All birth certificates will be destroyed once verified in the system.




  • Players over 18- Background Screening Requirement

According to US Soccer:  

State Associations must conduct background screenings as well as SafeSport training for players 18 years and older, as per US Soccer Policy 212-3, ONLY when there is a younger player on the team.  Requirements need to be met within 45 days of the players 18th birthday. Please refer to US Soccer, Policy 212-3—US Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy – Standards for Organization Members

(pages. 20-21) 2020-21 Policy Manual (.pdf)

Note:  *”Heads Up” is a Concussion training component implemented by ENYYSA that is only required for Coaches.


  • Risk Management Changes
How to complete Risk Management/Background Checks:

There is no risk management “link” as in the past. You can no longer click a link and create an account for yourself. All volunteers must be submitted through their club through the GotSport system. Contact your local club for instructions on creating/logging into an account.

How to Upload Coaches/Managers into GotSport:

Once coaches/managers are in the GotSport system, they can access their profile, which will allow them to complete their risk management requirements. When they click on the DASHBOARD in their profile, the 3 risk management requirements will be listed:

Background Check – once every two years (changing to a yearly renewal due to US Youth Soccer requirements)
Heads Up Concussion Awareness – once every two years
Safe Sport – yearly renewal with a refresher course

Over to the right of each it will say MORE INFO and when they click on that, it will take them to that test to be completed. (For questions, contact Diana at ENYYSA State office - 516-766-0849).
Here is the ENYYSA website link with information regarding Risk Management

Below are helpful links to GotSoccer Videos





Registration Worksheet (Fillable) THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR 2020-21 SEASON!

Add/Drop Player Form Excel Download

ENYYSA Team Release Transfer Form

Player Loan Form

Player Release/Transfer Form (Between Leagues not Clubs)

Release form Between clubs

Player Release Form Between Clubs (Need in addition to add/drop form)

COVID19 Waiver (Needs to be submitted to office or uploaded to profile in GotSport for Players and Adults)


Guest Player Info:

We have not yet created a process for guest players on GotSport, however we will continue our policy of not approve guest players until April 1st. The following information is from previous years and has not yet been updated.

Guest Player Policy

Guest Player Roster Template fillable

League Guest Player roster instructions