DEB RABER ~ (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)


2019 Session I ~ Defending On the Field For Older Players (Video Available)

2019 Session II ~ Defending Video For Older Players (Classroom Session - No Video Available)

2018 Session I ~ Goalkeeping - Basic Handling and Footwork (with assistance from Coach Prince Knight) (Video Available)

2018 Session II ~ How To Run A Practice Specifically For Young Players (Video Available)

2017 Session I ~ Goalkeeping Basic Footwork and Handling (Video Available)

2016 Session I ~ Shooting, Finishing and a GK’s Angle of Play (Video Available)

2016 Session II ~ Goalkeeping Session (Video Available)


  • Head Women's Coach at MCLA
  • Fitness Center Director at MCLA
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach at MCLA
  • In addition to being named three time MASCAC coach of the year, Coach Raber is an instructor for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.  As a member of both the National Goalkeeping and Field Player staff, Coach Raber instructions all levels of goalkeeping as well as level 1 through the Advanced National Diplomas of the field player side.



ROB BRULEY ~ (2019, 2018, 2017, 2013)


2019 Session I ~ Keeping Possession of Ball/ Transitional Play (Video Available)

2019 Session II ~ Fast Break Attack/ Finishing on Goal (Video Available )

2018 Session I ~ Ball Mastery Warm Up; Moves To Beat A Player; Small Sided Games (Video Available)

2018 Session II ~ Ball Mastery Warm Up; Passing & Receiving; Keeping Possession, Fast Break Attack (Video Available)

2017 Session I ~ Coerver Fast Break Change of Direction (Video Available)

2017 Session II ~ Coerver Passing and Receiving (Video Available)

2013 Session I ~ Coerver Ball Mastery, Technical Ball Work, Course 302 (No Video Available)

2013 Session II ~ Coerver Change of Direction, Finishing on Goal, Course 401 (No Video Available)


  • New York Coerver Coaching Director
  • Coerver Coaching is a global football coaching program inspired by the teachings of legendary Dutch Coach, Weil Coerver, and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke.  The method has evolved as Alfred and Charlie have used it across the glove, resulting in premium grass roots and elite teaching method incorporating best practice from around the world.


TIM BRADBURY ~ (2019, 2018, 2014)


2019 Session I ~ A Rhythm for Teaching 2 Player Combinations (Video Not Available)

2019 Session II ~ Leading the Team – Effective Ways to get the Best from Your Group (Classroom Session - No Video Available)

2018 Session I ~ A Rhythm For Teaching Possession (Video Available)

2018 Session II ~ Theory Q & A on the DPI & New Grass Roots Coaching Courses (Classroom Session - No Video Available)

2014 Session I ~ Speed of Play (Video Available)


  • Director of Coaching Instruction for Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association
  • USSF National  Youth License
  • USSF A License
  • NSCAA Master Coach Diploma
  • US Youth National Instructor
  • NSCAA National Staff



PRINCE KNIGHT ~ (2019, 2018)


2019 Session I ~ Three Things Every Coach Should Know About Coaching Goalkeepers (Classroom Session - No Video Available)

2018 Session I ~ Goalkeeping - Basic Handling and Footwork (assisting Deb Raber) (Video Available)


  • New York State Director – Just 4 Keepers, USA
  • Head Coach
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach at MCLA
  • In addition to being the New York State Director for Just 4 Keepers, USA, Prince is also the head coach at this organization. Prince has also coached several teams within CDYSL and has helped Deb Raber, MCLA Coach during past workshop demonstrations.




2019 Session I ~ 1 v 1 Progression (With Kyle Hogge) (Video Available)

2019 Session II ~ Legendary 1v1 Moves (With Kyle Hogge) (Video Available)

2019 Session III ~ Maximizing Repetitions While Introducing Small Sided Tactical Concepts (With Kyle Hogge) (Video Available)

2019 Session IV ~ Developing Deceptive Dribblers and Goal Scorers Through Small Sided Games (With Kyle Hogge) (Video Available)


  • Director of Youth Development and Education – HappyFeet Legends International
  • Andrew has served in a variety of roles with the Legends Soccer Club and HappyFeet Legends International most recently focused on youth development and education.  Andrew began is Legends career as a player in 1989 before heading off to Springfield, Missouri to play NCAA Division 1 soccer.  Prior to rejoining the Legends as a coach and director, Andrew served as a high school teacher and coach.  Andrew has coached the entire gamut under the Kansas City Legends umbrella, from ages 2 to 18 and both elite level and recreational. Andrew has a gift for motivating players and is passionate about helping players gain great self-belief.  At present, Andrew serves as the Director of Youth Development and Education for our network.  Andrew is responsible for creating and carrying out training and education for Legends partners across the world. Andrew has coached Legends programming in China, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Peru, Ecuador and the United States.


KYLE HOGGE ~ (2019)


2019 Session I ~ 1 v 1 Progression (With Andrew Clifton) (Video Available)

2019 Session II ~ Legendary 1v1 Moves (With Andrew Clifton) (Video Available)

2019 Session III ~ Maximizing Repetitions While Introducing Small Sided Tactical Concepts (With Andrew Clifton) (Video Available)

2019 Session IV ~ Developing Deceptive Dribblers and Goal Scorers Through Small Sided Games (With Andrew Clifton) (Video Available)


  • Executive Director – Legends Soccer Club
  • Kyle has served as the Executive Director for the Legends Soccer Club since October 2008 however it is his 24th year with the club.  Kyle started his tenure as a player under the founder of the club, Andy Barney.  Following his youth playing career, Kyle played NCAA Division 1 and in the Premier Development League for the Springfield Demize.  Kyle has spent the last decade coaching a variety of teams and age groups in the Legends club.  In his time with the club, Kyle’s teams have won multiple state titles.  Kyle has also served as a staff coach for the SuperClub National Teams and was one of the youngest presenters at this years USC Convention in Chicago.  During his tenure as the Executive Director, the Legends Soccer Club has grown significantly in both the number of players served and the level that players have aspired to.  Over the last three years, two male players have signed professional contracts as teenagers with the most recent being Tyler Freeman, age 15, on a homegrown contract for Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer.  Additionally, in the last 18 months, the club has had six different female players represent the US Women’s National Team at various levels, including the full WMNT.  Kyle has a unique coaching style and is known for creating an environment where both players and coaches can excel.


HAMISH KERR ~ (2018)


2018 Session I ~ Injury Prevention and Heading In Soccer (Classroom Session - No Video Available)


  • Board Certified Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician
  • Dr. Kerr's interests include musculoskeletal medicine and the prevention of injury, teaching and sports medicine research.  He is a native of Scotland and enjoys playing soccer, skiing, and spending time with his wife and three children.  Dr. Kerr is the Team Physician for Siena College, US Rugby Sevens, The United States Olympic Committee, and the Scottish Football Association.
  • B.S. Physiology and Sports Science with honors, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • M.D., Universit of Glasgow, Scotland
  • M.S., Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Completed fellowship in Sports Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medicine School, Boston, MA

LUIGI F. RENDE ~ (2018)


2018 Session I Presentation ~ Basic First Aid Workshop (Classroom Session - No Video Available)


  • Coordinator of Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Services, OrthoNY
  • Masters Degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine June of 1983 Ohio University
  • B.S. in Physical Education/Athletic Training SUNY Cortland Winter of 1981
  • I have been involved in treating professional, Olympic, Collegiate, and High School athletes my whole career. I have a breadth of knowledge in the area of Sports Medicine.  I have also been involved in the Educational Component of Athletic Training at SUNY Brockport. I am presently the athletic trainer at the Burnt Hills High School and have been there since 1996.  I have a strong background in strength and conditioning, injury prevention, orthopedic assessment and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.  As in any profession, I pride myself on establishing and maintaining relationships with all stakeholders.  Trust goes a long way when dealing with the pre-adolescent and adolescent athlete.  I have dedicated my career for improving the delivery of healthcare to the athlete.


JONATHAN BAIN ~ (2018, 2012)


2018 Session I ~ Coaching The 1st And 2nd Defender (Video Available)

2012 Session I ~ Indoor Practices to prepare for Outdoors, Courses #503 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Passing with a Purpose, Course #205 (No Video Available)

2012 Session III ~ Passing with a Purpose, Course #405 (No Video Available)

  • New York Elite Boys Director of Coaching, Head Coach
  • USSF D License
  • Shenendehowa Varsity Soccer Coach
  • Past Clifton Park Premier Head Coach
  • Past Shenendehowa Freshman Head Coach
  • CDYSL ODP Coach
  • 10 years youth coaching experience


JOHN CIANO ~ (2018, 2015)

2018 Session I ~ Playing Out of the Back -- Developing Movements and Relationships (Video Available)

2015 Session I ~ Goal Keeping Training and Progressions (Video Available)


  • Head Coach for College of Saint Rose Men's Soccer Program
  • 2009 Graduate of Manhattan College
  • Seven years Collegiate Coaching Experience before joining Saint Rose
  • NSCAA Premier Diploma
  • USSF B License
  • National Goalkeeper Level III Diploma


ADAM CLINTON ~ (2018, 2015, 2013)


2018 Session I ~ Training With Possession With a Purpose (Video Available)

2015 Session I ~ Passing and Recieving -- A Series of Different Passing Exercises (Video Available)

2015 Session II ~ How to Train Pressure, Cover, Balance (Video Available)

2013 Session I ~ Possession With Penetration (No Video Available)

2013 Session II ~ Pressure, Cover and Balance, Course 502 (No Video Available)

  • Head Coach for RPI College Men's Soccer Program
  • USSF A License
  • USSF State D Level Instructor/Examiner License
  • Coach at New York Elite FC as a Head Coach
  • 2009 & 2012 National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Division II East Region Coach of the Year
  • 2008, 2009 Liberty League Coach of the Year
  • NSCAA Tournament Participants 1969, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2008, 2009, 2012& 2015
  • Liberty League Champions 2012
  • Liberty league Regular Season Champions 2009 & 2012
  • Liberty League Tournament 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • ECAC Champions 2005 & 2007
  • 2008-2009, 2009-2010 RPI Marvin Anderson Award winner for Coaching Excellence
  • Past Head Coach at ACC, Hudson Valley Community College, Professional Teach Capital District Alleycats and past 
  • Assistant Coach at University of Albany, Union College, and Skidmore College
  • Co-Director of Clifton Park Soccer Camp


ROY PFEIL (2017, 2012)


2017 Session I ~ F License Course (No Video Available)

2012 Session I ~ 1 v 1 Course #103 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Indoor Practices to Prepare for Outdoors, Courses #203 (No Video Available)


  • Olympic Development Program Coach for Eastern New York


RICK KNIZEK (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)


2017 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2016 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2015 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2014 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2013 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2012 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)

2011 Session I ~ First Aid Session (No Video Available)


  • Head Athletic Trainer for Shenendehowa Central School District




2017 Session I ~ Possession (Video Available)

2017 Session II ~ Speed of Play (Video Available)


  • Former Assistant Coach of the US National Team 
  • Met Oval Soccer Academy



2017 Session I ~ Teaching Fluidity and Motion (Video Available)


  • Assistant Technical Director of Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia 


JEFF TIPPING (2017, 2016)


2016 Session I ~ Passing and Receiving (Video Available)

2016 Session II ~ Championship Defending (Video Available)

2016 Session III ~ Brazilian Passing and Receiving Exercises (Video Available)


  • NSCAA Director of Coaching from 1996 through January 2011
  • Played in ASL National Team Championship, earning All Star pro status three times
  • Coach for four years at Hartwick College, reaching two NCAA Final Fours
  • 16 years as head coach at Muhlenberg College, making it to 8 NCAA tournaments
  • Became Technical Advisor to US Women's National Team in 1998
  • 1983 became coach for National Soccer Coaches Association of America Coaching Academy




2016 Session I ~ Using Technology in Soccer (Video Available)


  • Gary Stephenson has held various positions in Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, including as a coaching education instructor, ODP staff coach and, most recently, as Assistant Technical Director. He assumed the role of Director of Soccer Development & Performance in fall of 2017. In this role, Gary works closely with Technical Director Mike Barr to oversee ODP and optimize coaching education. He also develops outreach initiatives to better reach players in under-served communities. Gary serves as the primary point of contact for the Medical Advisory Committee, which works to provide best practices for clubs and organizations. He is the editor of "The Evolving Game," a monthly coaching education newsletter.
  • A native of Newcastle, England, Gary started his coaching path rom the ground up. His first license was the U.S. Soccer Under-6 module. He now holds a National "A" License. He's coached at the Division II and III collegiate levels and in 2017 helped the U17 Boys Eastern Pennsylvania ODP team win the US Youth Soccer ODP Championship.  




2016 Session I ~ Training the Center Midfielder (Video Available)


  • Played collegiately at University of Wisconsin-Parkside (2006-07) and Carthage College (2008-09)
  • Graduated from Carthage in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in business administration
  • Graduated from Carthage in 2013 with a master's degree in education
  • Assistant coach at Carthage, 2009-13
  • Andrew Gamarra joined the North Central College staff in 2016 as the eighth head coach in the history of the Cardinal women's soccer program. 


CEASAR MARKOVIC (2016, 2014)


2016 Session I ~ Developing Your Transition Game (Video Available)

2014 Session I ~ Developing Mobility and Combination Play in Attack (Video Available)


  • Cesar Markovic enters his sixth season as the head coach of the Siena Men's Soccer program in 2018.
  • A seasoned collegiate coaching veteran, he was named the seventh head coach in Siena College Men's Soccer history on Feb. 7, 2013. Markovic, who has led three different programs to the NCAA College Cup, joined the Saints after spending the previous two seasons as the head coach at NJIT.
  • Markovic previously served as the head coach at NJIT (2011-12), Stony Brook (2004-11), Saint Peter's (2000-04) and his alma mater, Division III Hunter (N.Y.) College (1995-00) and is the winningest head coach in program history all four institutions. Markovic has led his programs to four NCAA Tournament Appearances, guiding Saint Peter's into the College Cup field in 2003 and Stony Brook in 2005 and 2009. Both Markovic's 2003 Saint Peter's and 2005 Stony Brook squads each won First Round games. He also led Hunter to the regional semifinals of the 1999 NCAA Division III Tournament.
  • In spring 2015, Markovic was appointed Assistant Coach/Technical Assessor of the Puerto Rican National Team, which reached the Third Round of the Caribbean Cup for the first time ever.
  • Markovic began his collegiate head coaching career at Hunter in 1995, leading his alma mater to the conference title in all five of his years. He was twice named the CUNYAC Coach of the Year and also earned Skyline Conference Coach of the Year honors.
  • Markovic holds a USSF A License, the highest granted in USA Soccer, an NSCAA Premier License, and he was among the first American coaches granted a Brazilian Professional Coaching license after serving as an apprentice/assistant with the famed Sao Paulo FC. He also served as an assistant coach stateside with the professional Long Island Rough Riders in 1997 and 1998.
  • A native of Queens, N.Y., Markovic enjoyed a stellar collegiate playing career at Hunter where he is a member of the College's Hall of Fame.




2015 Session I ~ Top 10 Futsal Activities to Develop Speed of Play in the Modern Game (Video Available)

2015 Session II ~ How to Utilize Futsal to Expedite the Soccer Learning Process (Video Available)


  • U.S. Futsal National Director Of Coaching
  • 2004 And 2009 National Futsal Champion - Under 19
  • United Soccer Coaches Presenter And Field Clinician
  • Published Author - Futsal Training System
  • United Soccer Coaches (Former Nscaa) Futsal Manual Activities Creator
  • United Soccer Coaches (Former Nscaa) On Line Diploma Activities Presenter
  • U.S. Youth Soccer - Youth Members Techincal Leaders Work Group




2015 Session I ~ Coaching Attacking Movement (Video Available)

2015 Session II ~ Playing Out of the Back with the Intention of Starting Attacks (Video Available)


  •  Chris Taylor enters his second season with the coaching staff, assisting with all aspects of the men’s soccer program.
  • Taylor was a four-year member of the Cardinal men’s soccer team. He was selected to the All-SUNYAC First Team in three consecutive seasons. Taylor also received ECAC Upstate All-Region and NSCAA All-East Region honors twice. He is also the program’s all-time assist leader with 38.
  • In the past he has served as Men's head coach at Clarkson University
  • In addition to his time at Plattsburgh State, Taylor worked as a Player Development Officer for the New York Red Bulls from 2006-07. He also currently serves as a coach for the Plattsburgh Football Club. Taylor has received his NSCAA National Dipolma and England Football Association Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Certificates. He also worked as a part-time assistant in the Sports Information Office at Plattsburgh State.
  • A native of Liverpool, England, Taylor graduated from Plattsburgh State in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in print journalism.


LENNART BITTER (2015, 2014)


2015 Session I ~ Build Up From the Back (Assisting Roald Jornick) (Video Available)

2014 Session I ~ Buildup in a Technical Training (Video Available)

2014 Session II ~ Technical Training and Attacking Plays (Video Available)




2015 Session I ~ Dutch Total Defense (Video Available)

2015 Session I ~ Build Up From the Back (Assisted by Lennart Bitter) (Video Available)




2015 Session I ~ The Director of Coaching From A to Z (Video Available)

2015 Session II ~ The Director of Coaching and the Development of a Soccer Program (Video Available)


  • Ellinger was Tom Bichy's assistant at Montgomery College from 1979 to 1981, where the team achieved a No. 5 national ranking. He left Montgomery to coach at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he stayed from 1981 to 1990.
  • Ellinger became a U.S. Soccer National Staff Coach in 1992, and has held a number of different jobs since then. Most notably, he has been the coach of the U-17 United States men's national soccer team since 1997, and Director of Youth Development since 2001. In his role as coach of the U-17's, Ellinger has also headed up the USSF's Bradenton Academy, where many of the United States's most talented youths are developed.
  • In 2005, he joined Real Salt Lake to become the new expansion team's first coach. Previously, Ellinger had one season of professional coaching experience as an assistant coach for the Columbus Crew in its inaugural 1996 season.


MATT JONES (2014, 2012)


2014 Session I ~ Effectively Developing Players Through "Rondo" Training Progressions (Video Available)

2014 Session II ~ Improving Technical Ability (Video Available)

2012 Session I ~ 1 v 1, Course #403 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Player Ball Control, #605 (No Video Available)


  • Matt Jones was named the head men’s soccer coach at The College of Saint Rose on February 24, 2011.
  • An outstanding former student-athlete at Saint Rose, Jones was a three-year captain and four-year starter as a central midfielder for the Golden Knights from 1999-02. He closed out his playing career as the school’s third all-time leading point producer (48) and goal scorer (17) and tied for second in assists (14).
  • Jones has outstanding soccer acumen and is someone who has been a mainstay in local soccer circles. He spent both the 2008 and 2009 seasons as an assistant coach for the Golden Knights women’s soccer program that advanced to the NCAA Tournament national semifinals and won consecutive Northeast-10 Conference championships. He was involved with all phases of the Golden Knights renowned program including developing tactical and technical training, recruiting, and scouting.
  • Jones also served an assistant coach for the men’s program at nearby Siena College where he helped recruit a class that eventually produced three MAAC All-Conference performers in their rookie year as well as one professional player. Prior to his tenure in Loudonville, he spent a year as the head coach of the men’s soccer program at HVCC where he guided the Vikings to the 2005 NJCAA Regional Tournament.
  • Jones has furthermore worked with the some of the Capital Region’s finest young male and female players throughout the past eight years with both the Black Watch Premier and Albany Alleycats club teams. He additionally developed a youth academy within the Black Watch Premier program that grew to 45 members throughout its initial 45 days of existence.
  • Jones, an ongoing student of the game, has earned an Advanced National Diploma from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. He has also received four additional diplomas from the NSCAA and is now a business owner and Co-Founder of First Touch Soccer USA.



2014 Session I ~ Strategies for the Inner Game (No Video Available)

2014 Session II ~ How Team Building Can Improve Success and Your Team Culture (Video Available)



2013 Session I ~ Sideline Control, Course 203 (No Video Available)

2013 Session II ~ Sideline Control, Course 503 (No Video Available)




2014 Session ~ Turning the Ball - Techniques and Tactics (Video Available)

2013 Session I ~ Heading From the Ground Up, Course 301 (No Video Available)

2013 Session II ~ Teaching Vision to Improve Possession, Course 402 (No Video Available)


  • Niskayuna Girls Varsity Head Coach



2013 Session I ~ Coaching A Lopsided Game (No Video Available)


  • Union College Men's Head Soccer Coach
  • Holds US Soccer Federation A License
  • Assistant Coach at Brown University for two seasons



2013 Session I ~ Training Games for Strikers and Keepers, Course 201 (No Video Available)

2013 Session II ~ Positive Coaching, Course 900 (No Video Available)

2013 Session III ~ Mental Toughness for Athletic Development, Course 501 (No Video Available)


  • NSCAA Senior National Staff Coach
  • Ohio University's Masters in Coaching Education program
  • Coach of Ohio University's Women's soccer team and men's club program
  • Chair of Sport Coaching for the US Sports Academy
  • Has coached at Lyndon State College, Greensboro College, and University of Oregon
  • Assistant coached women's teams at University of North Carolina and University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • Assistant coached men's teams at Skidmore College, Furman University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina
  • Coached high school soccer at Holy Cross HS, Christian Brothers Academy and Queensbury HS.
  • Since becoming an NSCAA member in 1989 and joining the NSCAA coaching staff in 1996, Steffen has instructed coaches at more than 100 courses and spoken at seven national conventions. His contributions to the association also include developing curriculum for sport psychology sessions and acting as chair of the NSCAA Division I Women’s Programs and NSCAA Division I Women’s Rankings committees.
  • Bio updated as of 2016



2012 Session I ~ Creating a Positive Team Atmosphere, Course 209 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Creating a Positive Team Atmosphere, Course 509 (No Video Available)



2012 Session I ~ Keeper and Their Space, Course 303 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Keeper and Thier Space, Course 603 (No Video Available)


  • FA Coaching Certificate Level 2
  • 15 Years Coaching,




2012 Session I ~ 3 v 3, Courses #105 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Player Ball Control, #305 (No Video Available)

2012 Session III ~ 3 v 3, Courses #505 (No Video Available)


TOM SPINA (2012)

2012 Session I ~ Player and Safety, Course 307 (No Video Available)

2012 Session II ~ Player and Safety, Course 407 (No Video Available)