Capital District Referee Association is affiliated with Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association, which is under the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).


To become a referee, it requires you need to be physically fit and emotionally mature. Candidates who complete all requirements will be certified as USSF referees and become eligible to officiate USSF-sanctioned games. The required minimum age is 14 years at time of enrollment. There are no exceptions. 


The ENYSRA website has been updated with instruction on how to become a referee:



The process is simple:

  1. Registration through the US Soccer Learning Center, you will have to create a new logon profile with US Soccer and then you can  register for a Grassroots Course and then complete the course and after completion, there is an associated ZOOM session with ENY.
  2. Complete the online modules listed
    • Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
    • SafeSport (if 18 years or older)
    • Online Grassroots Referee Course Module
    • First Time Grassroots Referee Quiz
    • U.S. Soccer Federation Gold Standard NCSI Background Check (if 18 years or older)
  3. Attend the ZOOM meeting you signed up for, currently there are open courses scheduled for August/September/October/November.
  4. Complete a Field Session with their local association, you will be notified by your local referee organization when it is scheduled.
  5. Create a profile in Game Officials so they can be assigned games
  6. Contact local Referee Assignors that you completed the process:



Capital District Referee Association (CD Ref) offers referee courses. For more information, please contact Michael Rennick, CDREF’s Instruction Coordinator, at